Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ellysa Birthday 240509

This was ordered my our neighbour, Kak Jamilah for her daughter, Ellysa's 2nd Birthday. She wants something different. Coz sponge cake is very normal. So, she ordered this rainbow butter cake. Since the cake is not that big, we decided juz to make a simple deco (dun want too crowded). It was decorated with chocolate rice at the side, edible image of Hello Kitty, 2 clowns & simple flowers with 1 side leaf. End of the day, she happily said 'Kek dah licin Nisha. Budak2 suka sbb byk color'. & inform will order again.

This is the inside look of the cake.
Very soft and high taste of creamy butter.

Impressed Rainbow Butter Cake

Zoomed view.....

Tx Kak Milah & Hubby!!!

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